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Staying True 


Jet Bum LLC, is a unique  consumer products company that chooses to manufacture domestically and enrich lives locally by providing jobs and opportunity.  The concept of Jet Bum was just a spark of an idea in 1993 while company founder, Bob Miklos was attending college at Arizona State University.  


I came to America as a student from Canada with a funny accent, a love for hockey and beer and was welcomed with open arms.  I always knew America was an exceptional place, but that instant acceptance by my peers confirmed that this land called America was special.   It was at that moment that I set my sights on the stars and began a quest that would see many setbacks and hurdles before any real measurable success.


After graduating from Arizona State University with a major in Real Estate and pursuing a career in home building and design, I found out what it was like to be part of a collapsing industry with the economic meltdown of 2008.  Phoenix was hit pretty hard and my business declined quickly.  Rather than weep about the misfortune of the building industry, I set out to pursue a new career.   Jet Bum LLC, a distant idea in my thoughts from 1993 was now going to be my focus.


Jet Bum LLC was incorporated in July of 2009 with the pupose of building something tangible in America with domestically forged metal and components, and local labor.  A true MADE IN USA approach.  I realized that outsourcing jobs offshore was not going to make America stronger and wanted to help make a difference.  I thought to myself, well, if you want to provide manufacturing jobs then you are going to need a product to make and a place to make it.  The Jet Bum loading ramp was born from a need to get a personal water craft (PWC) to and from the lake without the need for a trailer or a buddy to help lift a jet ski into a truck.  Several loading ramp prototypes were designed, tested and eventually patented.                                                                    


Jet Bum LLC is a true American start-up company that manufactures from a small shop in Mesa, Arizona.  Together with our customers, our employees, and our MADE IN USA approach, we can help to make a positive difference in America.



The Jet Bum team. 

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